Month in Review – March 2015

This month there was some really cool things and some not cool things. Let’s review, shall we?


Monthly Review - March 2015
Monthly Review – March 2015

This month I ran for a total of 113.89 miles in 17:01:22. I think that is a pretty good total considering I missed a bit of running due to my hurt foot. Luckily it was nothing major, and I have so far been able to get back to running. It is only 7 miles below the average I need to hit my end of year goal, so I am not too worried about it. Speaking of, year to date I have run 397.76 miles in 59:18:08. Wow, kind of crazy to think I have spent almost 60 hours and run almost 400 miles already this year.

Year to Date - March 2015
Year to Date – March 2015

If you keep up with the blog, you may know that I am in the beginning of my half marathon training program for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon coming up on May. So far it was going pretty good, got sidelined a bit by the injury, but hope to dive back in.


As you may have read, I was lucky enough to be named as one of the Leaders of the Pack for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. This is a really cool opportunity to share my story with more people and hopefully inspire people on their journey to the marathon or half marathon.

In other cool and exciting news, I actually placed third in my age group in the FNB 5K I ran a couple weeks ago. Never thought I would place, and in fact left and didn’t get my trophy! Not to worry, though. I did pick it up, and it is displayed proudly on my fireplace mantel in the living room!

FNB St Pat's 5K - 3rd Place age 35-40.
FNB St Pat’s 5K – 3rd Place age 35-40.

Well, that is about it for the month. The weather is getting nicer and hopefully my half marathon training stays on track!

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