Month in Review – February 2015

This month I had pretty good training. I did have a bout with stomach flu so I missed my 15K race that I had planned for early February, and also 4 days days of running overall. Even with that, and the missed day for the rabbit hunting, I ran 23 of 28 days this month.

February 2015 Totals
February 2015 Totals

For this month I have run a total of 121.98 miles in 17:49:58. I was obviously hoping that my monthly total miles would be a bit higher, but having to miss the 4 days due to illness hurt the overall total a bit. I am not too sad though, because 121 still puts me well over my needed average of 100 miles per month to hit my goal of 1200 miles this year.

Year to Date Feb 2015
Year to Date Feb 2015

My running total of miles for the year so far is 298.88 in 44:30:15. Just under 300 miles so far for the year puts me just under 150 miles per month average, which is great! I am more than happy with that so far.

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