Week in Review – Feb 15, 2015

This week I had a good week of training and got a new pair of shoes! Check it out below.


Week Ending 02-15-2015
Week Ending 02-15-2015

This week I was ran 36.73 miles in 5:26:25. My long run today was the first long run I was able to do in the last couple of weeks. I was sick last week and the week before I was tapering to get ready for the 15K I was supposed to run last weekend. It felt really good to put on some longer miles. I was going to do 10 miles, but was feeling so good I ran an extra mile and did 11. I could have went further, but we had to get going to a birthday party so I had to stop. I also used a new pair of shoes and my new Injinji toe socks. Everything felt great. I also used a Huma Gel for the first time and did well with it.

New Gear

image via saucony.com
image via saucony.com

As I mentioned above, I got a new pair of shoes this week. I picked up a pair of Saucony Zealot ISO shoes. These are a new shoe that is replacing the Saucony Cortana in their lineup. It is a neutral, 4mm offset, cushioned trainer. I ran a little over 22 miles in them this week (with today’s 11 miles the furthest at once) and I have found them to be comfortable. They are very light weight and have been comfortable to wear. o far I enjoy them, and if the next couple of weeks go well in them, I will probably pick up a second pair as I will be starting my half marathon training in two weeks. I think right now these will be the shoes I want to wear for the half.

We also picked up some of the Huma gel that I previewed during the VIP night a couple weeks back. I used some for the first time with my long run today, and I enjoyed it. I tried the mango flavor (which I tried at the VIP night and new I liked). Seems like it provided great energy boost and felt more like a real food than GU. I picked up a few different flavors so I will be trying them. Only downside is price. They are quite a bit more expensive than GU (about double).

Well, that is it for this week. I hope everyone gets out and has a chance to run! Have a great week!

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