Week in Review – Feb 1, 2015

This week was a pretty great week of running and related events.


Week Ending Feb 1, 2015
Week Ending Feb 1, 2015

This week I ran for a total of 36.29 miles in 5:20:20. Today is normally my long run, but I decided to do a shorter 5 miles instead of the 15 that I may have done otherwise. With my 15K race coming up next Saturday, I decided I should try and take it a bit easy for this week leading up to the race.

This also happens to be the end of the month of January. For the month of January I logged 161.89 miles in 24:26:48. It is kind of interesting taking a look at how many miles I put on this month. I am hoping to be able to really up that this year. I also find it interesting that I ran for a total of just over one whole day! Kind of cool.


As seen in my last post here, I attended the Run Away Shoes VIP Night this week. It was a great night, I got to check out some cool new stuff and preorder some new shoes that will not be released until June.

That is about it for this week. Hope everyone gets a chance to get out and run! Have a great week!

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