Week in Review – Jan 25, 2015

This week has been a good training week for me. I also got a major new piece of equipment that I will discuss below.


Week Ending Jan 25, 2015
Week Ending Jan 25, 2015

This week I was able to log 42.08 miles in 6:22:29.  This included a nice 14 miles on the treadmill this morning for my long run of the week. The best part of this run was that I had no GI distress and was able to complete the run without issue. I was VERY happy about that! I also had a great 5K Tempo run on Thursday where I matched my 5K PR of 25:39. Pretty interesting that I ran the exact same time for the second time.

New Gear

Perhaps the most expensive piece of running gear I have ever bought (and I hope that I do not have to spend more) is a new treadmill. I have been looking for a while. I LOVE to run outside, but sometimes it just is not possible. Scheduling conflicts with the kids and the times that my gym is open, just make it difficult to get any kind of workout in sometimes. This should make it easy to be able to at least get a run or some walking in when I (or my wife) needs to. I ended up purchasing the NordicTrack Elite 5700 from Sears (this is the Sears specific model of the NordicTrack Commercial 1750. I setup the back storage room in the basement to use it down there, and so far it is working out great! I also purchased a 24″ Vizio Smart TV to mount to the wall in front of it. The setup is working great! I ran the last 3 days on it to give it a good test and I am very happy with the setup.

Today I also picked up a couple of new pairs of socks. I picked up a pair of Feetures Elite Ultra No Show socks and a pair of Injinji Run 2.0 Lightweight No- Show socks. The interesting part of the Injinji socks are that they are toe socks. I have not run or worn these kind of socks before but they seem like they good be good as they are supposed to let your toes spread out when you run. I guess we will find out when I get a chance to run in them. I was looking for something lighter weight especially for running on the treadmill as I get pretty warm and so do my feet. I hope that they work!

Wrap Up

That is it for this week. I hope everyone gets a chance to get out and run! Have a great week!

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