Week in Review – Dec 21, 2014

This was a pretty slow week overall. Just a few things to talk about this week. With Christmas coming up and holiday parties going on, not much time to concentrate on anything else.


Week Ending Dec 21, 2014
Week Ending Dec 21, 2014

This week I did 32.10 miles in 4:58:52. This is much lower than the last two weeks, but it is for a reason. One, as you may have noticed I did nothing on December 17th. I didn’t even work out. I took the day off completely as kind of an experiment. My weight has really leveled off the last couple of weeks, but my body fat percentage went down quite a bit. I was curious to see how a day off affected things. Overall, not really any effect.

The second reason is that I am trying to do 2-3 “up” milage weeks followed by a lower recovery week before I go back up in milage. This should allow my body to heal a bit after a 42+ and 38+ milage week (which is considerable considering my highest weeks have been 24-26 miles in the past). This also allowed me to take the one day off to see what would happen.

Of other note this week, on my long 10 mile run today, a stupid little toy breed dog ran out and started biting my ankle and calf around mile 9. I had to actually kick the dog to get it away from me. I couldn’t believe it, especially considering it was outside with its owner. I gave her an earful about her dog before I ran on to finish my run. Just a weird run day I guess.

New Gear

Amazon had the Saucony Nomad jacket on Lightning Deal this week. A normally $110 jacket for $32, I had to buy it! It was one of the jackets that I have been looking at since winter stated, so it was a no brainer. I actually used it on my long run today. I will have a full review once I get more runs with it. Speaking of, the review of The North Face Animagi jacket should be coming soon. I have a number of runs under my belt with it now, so a review should be coming shortly.

ISaucony Nomad Jacket image via Amazon.com
Saucony Nomad Jacket image via Amazon.com


There will be one or two announcements this week that I am excited to share. Stay tuned for that!

That wraps things up this week! Hope everyone has a good week and gets a chance to get outside!

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