Week in Review – Dec 7, 2014

Ran – a lot!

So this week I had planned to run 35 mile for my 35th birthday on Friday. I am happy to report that I actually was able to complete and exceed my goal! My final running tally for the week is below:

week 12072014

For me, to run over 42.5 miles in a week is amazing! Last week I did 31 miles, but prior to that the most I had ever done was about 26 miles. I have been averaging about 20-22 miles during my highest training periods. I am hoping that I can keep this high milage up to bring me into my half-marathon training early.

Shop and Eat

Today we went to The North Face store down in Milwaukee. I was able to pick up a few things. Most important I was able to get a winter running jacket. I got the Anamagi jacket:

via TheNorthFace.com


I will have a review of it once I get a chance to run with it, and unfortunately, I am sure I will have plenty of opportunity.

While we were in Milwaukee, we also ate at Smoke Shack. It is a restaurant that specializes in smoked meats.  Walking in just makes your mouth water! You can smell the smoke outside walking up. The place is small, like seats maybe 25-30 people at a given time small, but the food is amazing! I had the pulled chicken and pulled pork with vinegar coleslaw.


It was amazing! Makes me want to get my own smoker so I can smoke chickens and other meats at home. The meat just melts in your mouth, and the four different BBQ sauces were all good (Carolina, Texas, Kansas City and a House sauce). We are going back there if we are in Milwaukee again for sure!

Started This Blog!

Beyond a lot of running and a running related shopping trip, not too much excitement this week besides starting this blog. Going forward I will be adding some reviews of products I have been using as well as some of my favorite recipes. I will also be sharing any training programs or workouts I enjoy. I do not plan to update every day my training, this week I did just because of the special 35 for 35 event. Thanks to anyone still reading and I hope you all have a great week ahead!

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