Week in Review – July 5, 2015

This week, I got some great training in. I was on vacation up north near Crivitz, WI and it is a much more hilly area than near my house. This led to some good interval training and long training on the hills.


Week Ending July 5, 2015
Week Ending July 5, 2015

This week I ran a total of 35.44 miles in 5:40:30. As I said above, the last half of the week was done on vacation up near Crivitz. The hills added a great dimension to my training and I felt strong while doing them.

My long run on Sunday was pretty challenging. I had every intention of getting up early (5:00 AM) but was just tired from being up late and hanging out at the beach and stuff. I didn’t start my run until about 8:30 and by then it was pretty warm. I definitely felt the heat! I was surprised though, that I only used one GU gel in 14 miles. I drank a decent amount of water but not a ton. I did have a banana with peanut butter on it before my run, so I think that helped. Overall I felt really good. When I nit the half marathon mark, I was just under my two hour goal, so I was happy with that.

That is about it this week. I hope everyone gets out to run!