Week in Review – May 17, 2015

This week was a rather busy week (hence why this WiR is almost a week late! Here we go!


Week Ending May 17, 2015
Week Ending May 17, 2015

This week I ran a total of 29.20 miles in 4:52:54. This was, of course, the week of the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon. My first half marathon and my goal race for the first part of this year. So 13.1 miles of the 29.20 was actually my half marathon race, and the rest was the final training sessions for this training cycle.

I took it easy with the mileage this week as part of the taper leading up to the half. Monday was a cross training day, a few lighter running day (with light intervals on Wednesday).

When I looked at the training plan, I realized I was scheduled to run an easy 3 miles on Saturday (the day before the half marathon). I figured that if I had to run 3 miles anyway, I might as well do the Cellcom 5K! My wife and brother were already signed up a long time ago for it, so I decided to run with my wife and push her a little bit, but also let her keep me from going to fast and burning myself out for the half the next day. We completed the 5K in 36:09. It was my slowest official 5K time, but it was Lori’s new 5K PR, so I was very excited for her!

The next morning, I was able ran the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon. I finished with a time of 1:52:31! This was a PR time for my and my first official finish! I had a great time doing it, even though it was quite warm! I will have full ARRs coming for each of these races when I get the pictures from them squared away.

That is really it for this week. I hope you have/had a great week!

Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon – Two Weeks Out

The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon is less than two weeks away (12 days as I write this). Last week was the hardest training week with the most volume and intensity of my training. The next two weeks will be tapering down to get my legs rested and ready for race day.

As I look back over the last 2 months of training, it is with mixed emotions. I have had a lot going on with both running as well as personally. Right around the start of training for the half marathon, my dad was diagnosed with emphysema. I have to say that as I was not surprised by this being a life long smoker, but it was still hard to hear. My uncle (his brother) has emphysema as well, and has been living with it for years. So while I know that the diagnosis is bad, it seems like something he can live with for a while.

Well, this past week, he was taken by ambulance and admitted to the hospital. He was inpatient for six days, and it seems like what caused the issue was the flu. This whole situation happens during the week that is my hardest training, as well as being busy with kids activities (dance recitals/rehearsals and baseball practices). Going to visit my dad in the hospital and take care of things for him at home, as well as work of course. It was a challenging week, emotionally, physically and mentally.

For the first time in my training I was questioning myself. Wondering why I am doing this? I came up with an answer. Thinking about my dad and his situation, and all the things he won’t be able to do, I realized that I am doing it because I can. I am lucky enough to be healthy. I was able to fight and lose 135 pounds, and be in the best shape of my life. I have fallen in love with running and pushing myself to do the best I can. That is why I am doing it. Because I can. Because I want to, and because I love it.

I am getting very excited for the race. I am looking forward to participating in my first Cellcom event and my first half marathon. It is even going to be a family affair! My kids are running in the WPS run, my wife, brother, his girlfriend, my mom and step dad are all participating in the 5K event. My wife’s aunt and cousin are running the half and  2 other cousins are running the full. I think it will be a very exciting weekend and I am looking forward to it!

Goal Setting

Today I got the First Timers newsletter email from the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. In the newsletter they talked about pre race anxiety and dealing with it. I for sure am one of those people that gets anxious before a race, and especially a race that is a new distance (like the half marathon for me). One of the things that helps me deal with the anxiety of an upcoming race is to set a goal.

By now I am sure that most people have a goal for their race. Most people sign up with at least some kind of goal in mind. For some people it is to complete the marathon in under 4:00:00. It could be to complete the half marathon in under 1:45:00. It could be to just finish the race or finish the race with no walking breaks. Whatever your goal, it is good to have one. If you don’t have one in mind (or even if you do) you may want to consider a different look on goal setting.

For me, I don’t set a goal. By that I mean I don’t set 1 goal. Every race or event I set at least 3 goals. I always have an A, B and C goal in mind at the start and during the training of each race. Let me explain.

My A goal is always a goal that is probably just out of reach. A goal that if I could achieve it, would be AMAZING, but if I don’t not a big deal. It was design to be just out of reach. For me, this is usually a goal time that is just faster than I think I could or have ever done a race. For the half marathon, my A goal is a time of 1:53:00 or under.

Now the B goal is the realistic time goal. A goal that is what I am 99% sure that I can get. The time that I am targeting in my training. For me in the half marathon, I am going for a time of 2:00:00 or under. Two hours is the time that I am training for with my training program (the Runners World Half Marathon Under 2 hours program). It is a time I should be able to get based on past 5K races as well as training times I have had.

The C goal is your if nothing else, at least I have this goal. My C goal is always to complete the race/event. If something happens during the race or it is just a really bad/off day, I can always rely on my C goal. I always want to just complete the event. So for the half marathon, my C goal is just to cross the finish line. Doesn’t matter the time, just get across that finish line.

By setting 3 goals for each event, it gives me something to really push for, something that I am sure I can achieve and as a last resort a default goal so that I don’t feel like I achieved nothing if the A and B just are not possible. In doing so, it makes me a little less nervous about not hitting a goal.

So, what are your goals for the upcoming event?

Leader of the Pack

I am so excited to announce that I was chosen to be a Leader of the Pack for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon!

Leader of the Pack - Cellcom Green Bay Marathon
Leader of the Pack – Cellcom Green Bay Marathon

I get to write blog posts for them and posts on Facebook and Twitter to help inspire others that are participating in events at the marathon event. I am so honored that they feel that I will be able to inspire others and really look forward to the whole process!

Week in Review – Dec 14, 2014

I had a pretty good week. The weather was a bit warmer this week so I actually got to run outside most of the week.


This week I was able to run 38.69 miles in 5:50:42. As I said earlier, most of my runs were actually outside this week. The warmer weather allowed me to get out and run not on the treadmill, which I find to be extremely boring! Below is the break down of the week.

Training Week 12142014

I got to test out my new North Face running jacket, and I will have a full review once I get a few more runs under my belt with it. My long run this morning was in some pretty dense fog. Luckily I ran early enough that I didn’t have to deal with too much traffic until the end. Knowing that I had a long run this morning, I planned to take the family out to breakfast to our favorite breakfast spot. I was literally dreaming of this Denver Omelet the whole time I was running!

Denver Omlet

I don’t eat the hash browns,  but the omelet and whole wheat toast was AMAZING! Great after run meal.

This was also the week that I had the dog encounter. You can read about that and get some tips for dealing with dogs on your runs here.

Race Sign Up

Probably the most interesting thing that happened this week is that I officially sign up for my first HALF MARATHON! I signed up for the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon. It will be taking place on Sunday, May 17, 2015 at 8:00am. There are usually quite a few people that sign up for the marathon and half marathon that day, so there should be a lot of runners that day.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about it already! Honestly, I think mileage-wise, I should be able to run a half, and I SHOULDN’T have issues completing the race. Pie in the sky, best possible outcome goal for me, would be to complete it in under two hours. I think I could get close, but I don’t know if I can get under. My realistic goal, to just finish the race! Being my very first half (unless I do something crazy like sign up for another before that one), I really just want to enjoy the experience and finish the race. If you are interested in signing up, you can do so here. They also have a 5K and a kids run besides the half and full marathon.

I am still looking for other races to sing up for and trying to get my race schedule set for the next year. I am looking for 5K, 10K and 15K races. I know of a few that I want to do for sure like the Paperfest 5K I did last year, the Seroogy’s Valentine Run 15K, and the Packers 5K along with the Bellin Run (10K).  If you know of any others in Northeast Wisconsin Area (or even further) that would be fun races, let me know!

Wrap It Up!

That is about it for this week! Look for a new product review and a recipe coming this week. I hope everyone has a great week!