Cleaning Out My Closet – Literally!

Tonight, I decided to go through my closet. I wanted to get rid of every last bit of “fat guy” clothing that I could. I have gone through my closet several times now since March, and I have always had a lot to stuff to give to Good Will. I have given old suits, tons of polos and button up shirts. T-shirts, pants, shorts. You name it, I have probably donated it (except underwear and socks, cuz that would be weird).I went through all that remained in my closet. I had saved some larger clothes not knowing how much weight I would loose and what size I may end up in.

Tonight, it all went. All the older clothes that I have had for years. Clothes that I bought, got too fat for and never removed the tags. I thought, I would wear them after I lost enough weight, but I actually lost faster than I thought and missed them. They are now too big for me. Which is awesome! Of course! But at the same time, it sucks. I see a lot of money that I spent on clothes that I now need to replace. I have about 5 polo shirts I can wear to work. A couple of sweater that I recently purchased and that is about it. I have no button up shirts left. Kind of funny when I think about it. Take a look at what is left in my closet. All the empty hangers are shirts that are going to Good Will.

Empty Closet
Empty Closet

I tell this story not to complain about having to buy new clothes. Frankly, it was time anyway! A lot of what I had was very old, but it was what fit. I had to kind of make due with what I had. It is kind of nice to have a fresh start and to be able to go get some new clothes. I am only going to buy a few things as I am hoping to still loose more weight, but I do need a few staple items to be able to wear to work and such. I tell this story as a cautionary tale. I let my weight get out of control and I see how much it has cost me. In real monetary dollars, I can see the expense that my weight gain has cost. All the clothes that I should never have had to buy. It is crazy when you think about it. And even crazier when I think about a year and a half ago when I went through all my clothes to get rid of everything too small to make room for more fat guy clothes. If just the sense of feeling better, and looking better, and being alive longer doesn’t appeal to you to control your weight, think of the money! Think of all the things you could do with the money you didn’t have to waste on new clothes over and over again.

Week in Review – Dec 14, 2014

I had a pretty good week. The weather was a bit warmer this week so I actually got to run outside most of the week.


This week I was able to run 38.69 miles in 5:50:42. As I said earlier, most of my runs were actually outside this week. The warmer weather allowed me to get out and run not on the treadmill, which I find to be extremely boring! Below is the break down of the week.

Training Week 12142014

I got to test out my new North Face running jacket, and I will have a full review once I get a few more runs under my belt with it. My long run this morning was in some pretty dense fog. Luckily I ran early enough that I didn’t have to deal with too much traffic until the end. Knowing that I had a long run this morning, I planned to take the family out to breakfast to our favorite breakfast spot. I was literally dreaming of this Denver Omelet the whole time I was running!

Denver Omlet

I don’t eat the hash browns,  but the omelet and whole wheat toast was AMAZING! Great after run meal.

This was also the week that I had the dog encounter. You can read about that and get some tips for dealing with dogs on your runs here.

Race Sign Up

Probably the most interesting thing that happened this week is that I officially sign up for my first HALF MARATHON! I signed up for the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon. It will be taking place on Sunday, May 17, 2015 at 8:00am. There are usually quite a few people that sign up for the marathon and half marathon that day, so there should be a lot of runners that day.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about it already! Honestly, I think mileage-wise, I should be able to run a half, and I SHOULDN’T have issues completing the race. Pie in the sky, best possible outcome goal for me, would be to complete it in under two hours. I think I could get close, but I don’t know if I can get under. My realistic goal, to just finish the race! Being my very first half (unless I do something crazy like sign up for another before that one), I really just want to enjoy the experience and finish the race. If you are interested in signing up, you can do so here. They also have a 5K and a kids run besides the half and full marathon.

I am still looking for other races to sing up for and trying to get my race schedule set for the next year. I am looking for 5K, 10K and 15K races. I know of a few that I want to do for sure like the Paperfest 5K I did last year, the Seroogy’s Valentine Run 15K, and the Packers 5K along with the Bellin Run (10K).  If you know of any others in Northeast Wisconsin Area (or even further) that would be fun races, let me know!

Wrap It Up!

That is about it for this week! Look for a new product review and a recipe coming this week. I hope everyone has a great week!

Running Safety When Encountering a Dog

Today on my afternoon run, I had something happen that hasn’t happened in the last 8 months or so of running for me. A dog saw me and actually started chasing me while I was running! I could hear it barking and then I could hear it running towards me. I could hear the tags on its collar jingling. At first it was running parallel to me across the street, but it quickly cross and approached me. As it started to approach, I stopped running. It came close and started to growl and bark. I will be honest, at that moment I was playing out in my head how I would grab the dog by the collar and wrestle it to the ground and choke it out. It was a good size dog, probably about 50 pounds or so. I shouted to the dog to go home and it actually listened. I was surprised that actually worked, but that had me thinking, what if this was a much larger or more aggressive dog? I decided to look up some tips on how to deal with dogs you may encounter while running. I found these on About Health.


  • Don’t make eye contact with the dog. If it sees you staring at it, it might see that as a threat.
  • Stop running, turn and walk in the opposite direction or across the street. You won’t seem as interesting to the dog if you’re walking. Also, the dog won’t think you’re trying to invade his territory if you’re heading in the opposite direction. Don’t turn around and look back.
  • If the dog approaches you, stop and stand very still. Don’t yell or make any sudden movements. In a firm, but calm voice, say, “Go home,” “Sit” or “No”.
  • If the dog tries to jump on you, turn to the side and push it off with your forearm.
  • If you keep encountering the same aggressive dog, find a new running route. You can also file a report with your local animal control.


Recipe – Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers

Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers
Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers

Today I want to share one of the recipes that we have found and modified while losing weight that I love! It is (as the title has alluded to) Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers! They are a great protein rich low carb recipe.


    • 2 green bell peppers
    • 8 slices of provolone cheese (or any cheese you like, we use mozzarella)
    • 1 medium onion, chopped
    • 1 cup diced mushrooms
    • 8 oz of roast beef, or steak meat of your choosing (we use breakfast steaks from the quarter cow we buy)
    • 2 Tbsp of unsalted butter
    • 2Tbsp olive oil
    • 3 cloves garlic
    • dash of salt to taste
    • dash of black pepper to taste



  1. Preheat oven to 400. Slice peppers in half lengthwise, remove ribs and seeds.
  2. Slice onions and mushrooms. Saute over medium heat with butter, olive oil, minced garlic and a little salt and pepper. Saute until onions and mushroom are nice and caramelized. About 25-30 minutes.
  3. Add meat and cook meat through. Drain juice when done cooking.
  4. Line the inside of the pepper with a slice of cheese.
  5. Fill each pepper with meat mixture.
  6. Cover each filled pepper with another slice of cheese.

Bake for 15-20 minutes or until cheese is to desired brown color.

Makes 4 servings – 6 net carbs per serving

Serving Size: makes 4 half peppers

Graze Review

Today I am going to give you my review of a company that I started using just in the last couple of months. that company is Graze. Graze is one of the many box subscription services that have seemed to pop up lately. It seems like every time you turn around there is a box for shaving, or clothes or anything else you can imagine. Graze is a subscription box of snack foods. You can choose a nibblebox or the caloriecounter as I have. The caloriecounter  box has all snacks under 150 calories, so they are perfect for my mid morning snack.

How It Works

Graze charges $6.99 per shipment (this includes the delivery fee). You can set how often you get a box of snacks gets delivered to you and you can also order one off boxes if you just want a box of goodies. The box shows up like the picture below.

Graze Cover
Graze Cover

When you open the box you have four snacks awaiting you.

Inside the Graze box
Inside the Graze box

You can go to their website and go through the list of all the snacks they offer for the type of box you have chosen and tell them if it is a snack you would like to try, if you love it, like it, or to never send it. I went through and marked all the things I knew I would not like as never sends and marked some things I really wanted to try as Try It. The rest I left alone. Once you get your box of snacks and have tried them, you can then go into your deliveries and let them Graze know how you liked each item. Again, you rate them as Try, Love, Like, or Trash for things you didn’t like and don’t want again.

Is It Worth It?

I think it is. I have kept it for four deliveries to date. I have it set up to send me a box every two weeks. I have not had anything I didn’t like to this point. It is nice to have as a different type of snack food. It gets me to try new and different kinds of things. I find that dieting, you tend to eat a lot of the same food. You find something within your calories that you can stand and is easy, and you eat it all the time. This breaks that routine up for me. I also think that $7 every two weeks isn’t terrible for good tasting food. I don’t think personally I would go to a weekly or even faster delivery schedule just to try and limit the cost.

Try it!

If you would like to try a FREE box for yourself, you can! All you have to do is go to and signup using my referral code: ADAMM9ZNP. There is no obligation and no contract to continue.  Let me know if you sing up and try it, what your favorite snacks are. So far mine are the Hot Cross Yum and Fruity Mango Chutney.

Week in Review – Dec 7, 2014

Ran – a lot!

So this week I had planned to run 35 mile for my 35th birthday on Friday. I am happy to report that I actually was able to complete and exceed my goal! My final running tally for the week is below:

week 12072014

For me, to run over 42.5 miles in a week is amazing! Last week I did 31 miles, but prior to that the most I had ever done was about 26 miles. I have been averaging about 20-22 miles during my highest training periods. I am hoping that I can keep this high milage up to bring me into my half-marathon training early.

Shop and Eat

Today we went to The North Face store down in Milwaukee. I was able to pick up a few things. Most important I was able to get a winter running jacket. I got the Anamagi jacket:



I will have a review of it once I get a chance to run with it, and unfortunately, I am sure I will have plenty of opportunity.

While we were in Milwaukee, we also ate at Smoke Shack. It is a restaurant that specializes in smoked meats.  Walking in just makes your mouth water! You can smell the smoke outside walking up. The place is small, like seats maybe 25-30 people at a given time small, but the food is amazing! I had the pulled chicken and pulled pork with vinegar coleslaw.


It was amazing! Makes me want to get my own smoker so I can smoke chickens and other meats at home. The meat just melts in your mouth, and the four different BBQ sauces were all good (Carolina, Texas, Kansas City and a House sauce). We are going back there if we are in Milwaukee again for sure!

Started This Blog!

Beyond a lot of running and a running related shopping trip, not too much excitement this week besides starting this blog. Going forward I will be adding some reviews of products I have been using as well as some of my favorite recipes. I will also be sharing any training programs or workouts I enjoy. I do not plan to update every day my training, this week I did just because of the special 35 for 35 event. Thanks to anyone still reading and I hope you all have a great week ahead!

Birthday Week Run Day 6

Today I finally got to run outside! What a wonderful afternoon to run. The sun is shinning, it is not too cold. The wind was not blowing like crazy. I actually saw two other runners out on the road. I don’t usually see other runners at all (I think mostly because of the time of day I usually run). So my total for the week so far is 39.31/35 miles. Sunday is usually my long run day, but since I did so much above what I usually do, I don’t want to create an over-use injury and push too hard. I am sure I will run tomorrow, but will just play the distance by feel.

run 12062014

Birthday Week Run Day 5

Today I was able to complete my birthday week goal of 35 miles. I actually finished with 35.07/35 miles. But, I don’t think I am done yet. There are still two more days in my training week (my training weeks start on Monday). I am sure I will get more miles between Saturday and Sunday, but it was exciting to actually complete my 35 miles on my 35th birthday!

run 12052014

I did not receive any running related gifts for my birthday today, but last week my brother-in-law and sister-in-law got me a set of Yak Trax Pro traction aids that I can’t wait to try out! I will have a full review of them once I get a chance to see how well they work. I am going shopping this weekend for some winter running clothes so I can hopefully get out even when it is colder out instead of having to run all my miles on the treadmill.

Throwback Thursday, about 115 pounds

Me and my wife, March 8, 2014.
My wife and I, March 8, 2014.

For my first throwback Thursday (and maybe my last, who knows!), I thought it would be appropriate to share the picture that started it all. The picture that made me so sick of myself that it kicked me in the pants to get moving and start eating better. This is the picture that I like to look at to remind me of what I was and how far I have come. The picture was taken on March 8, 2014 and I was 320 pounds.

And just for frame of reference, here is me and my wife on September 6, 2014 and 233.6 pounds. That is still about 25 pounds heavier than current, but it gives you an idea.

My wife and I on September 6, 2014.
My wife and I on September 6, 2014.

Birthday Week Run Day 4

Today I was actually able to get to the gym at my normal time. It was nice to be back in the afternoon. The kids have swimming lessons tonight so I will actually get to go and watch them swim. I was able to do 7 miles today. It was actually a nice run on the treadmill. There were lots of people doing the personal training down on the first floor, so I got to watch them all workout while I ran. It was a nice distraction and good to see people working out. Seems like lately I have been the only one at the gym with the times I have been going. So my total for the week is now 30.02/35 miles. I should have no problems getting the last 5 miles plus more during the rest of the week, so I am very excited by that!

run 12042014