Birthday Week Run Day 6

Today I finally got to run outside! What a wonderful afternoon to run. The sun is shinning, it is not too cold. The wind was not blowing like crazy. I actually saw two other runners out on the road. I don’t usually see other runners at all (I think mostly because of the time of day I usually run). So my total for the week so far is 39.31/35 miles. Sunday is usually my long run day, but since I did so much above what I usually do, I don’t want to create an over-use injury and push too hard. I am sure I will run tomorrow, but will just play the distance by feel.

run 12062014

Birthday Week Run Day 5

Today I was able to complete my birthday week goal of 35 miles. I actually finished with 35.07/35 miles. But, I don’t think I am done yet. There are still two more days in my training week (my training weeks start on Monday). I am sure I will get more miles between Saturday and Sunday, but it was exciting to actually complete my 35 miles on my 35th birthday!

run 12052014

I did not receive any running related gifts for my birthday today, but last week my brother-in-law and sister-in-law got me a set of Yak Trax Pro traction aids that I can’t wait to try out! I will have a full review of them once I get a chance to see how well they work. I am going shopping this weekend for some winter running clothes so I can hopefully get out even when it is colder out instead of having to run all my miles on the treadmill.

Birthday Week Run Day 4

Today I was actually able to get to the gym at my normal time. It was nice to be back in the afternoon. The kids have swimming lessons tonight so I will actually get to go and watch them swim. I was able to do 7 miles today. It was actually a nice run on the treadmill. There were lots of people doing the personal training down on the first floor, so I got to watch them all workout while I ran. It was a nice distraction and good to see people working out. Seems like lately I have been the only one at the gym with the times I have been going. So my total for the week is now 30.02/35 miles. I should have no problems getting the last 5 miles plus more during the rest of the week, so I am very excited by that!

run 12042014