Nuun Review

Nuun Hydration
Nuun Hydration

Today I want to talk about a product that I have been using for a while. It is Nuun (as you can tell by the picture I am sure). Now in the spirit of full disclosure, I am a Brand Ambassador for Nuun. They do not pay me, though I can get a little bit of a discount on items I order. With that disclaimer, here is my review of Nuun (which I would have the same opinion either way in all honesty).

For those who don’t know what Nuun is, it is a hydration product similar to a Gatorade or Powerade type product. Now I, like most people have always liked Gatorade, and more recently Powerade Zero. I liked Gatorade, but I did not like the calories that it contains. There are lower calorie version now, but still more calories than I would like to drink. Powerade Zero was great in that it was Zero calories. I could drink as much as I wanted and not worry about my calories, but it is lacking some nutritional value in what I needed by being zero calorie. Nuun is 7 calories per tab. You mix one tab with 16 ounces of water to make your drink as needed. Now I actually mix it with about 20 ounces of water to make it go a little further and it still tastes great. The tab fizzes away within a couple minutes and you are left with a slightly carbonated drink.

There are 3 different offerings from Nuun. Active, Energy, and All Day. The energy version has a bit of caffeine in it for those situations when you need caffeine. Active is the recovery formula I use the most during and after exercise, and the All Day version is meant to be more of just a water flavoring to allow you to drink more water.

I have tried several different flavors and haven’t really found one I do not like, but my favorites are Kona Cola (Energy), and the Lemon-Lime (Active) flavor.

I highly recommend giving Nuun a try! It is refreshing and I find that it really does work. I drink more water and recover easier, especially from hard workouts if I drink Nuun during and after.

You can read more about Nuun and purchase from their website at

Run Away Shoes VIP Night

Tonight we had the opportunity to go to our local running store’s (Run Away Shoes) VIP night. It was a fun little event where we got to preview and pre-order some of the new items that will be released this coming year.  There were shoes, lots of shoes! As a runner I have become a bit of a shoe freak, so it was like heaven! There were also some socks, and new energy gel that I hadn’t heard of before as well as some food and drinks. Lets get into the highlights of what we saw!

Huma Chia Energy Gel

image via
image via

There was a representative there from Huma Energy Gels. This was a brand that I had not heard of before. In talking with the rep I found out how the Huma gels compare to say a GU gel like I use now. First calories are exactly the same. The nutrition information is pretty much exactly the same. And that is where the differences end. The first ingredients of the Huma gels are fruit puree (in the fruit flavors at least).

While we were there, I tried a few of the flavors. The mango, strawberry, blueberry, and apple cinnamon were amazing! I really enjoyed the flavor of these gels. They also had a much lighter consistency than a GU. This does make them come in a bit of a bigger package, but they also taste and feel more like you are eating regular food. Do they work as good or better than a GU, I don’t know. They do cost a little bit more than a GU, but they are something I would like to try.

Saucony Shoes

Image via
Image via

Saucony had quite a few new shoes coming out this year that were there. The most interesting to me is their new trail shoe, the Nomad TR (pictured above). I did a bit of reading on these after and it seems the shoe is based on the Kinvara line. Holding the shoe they seemed very light and flexible. I like the tread pattern and outsole material. Saucony of course has the Peregrine line of trail shoes, but those have a much more aggressive tread pattern. The reason I like these is that the less aggressive tread pattern lends itself to more of an on-road, off-road situation. Trails around here much more groomed and packed, and generally you have to either run on the road to get to them, or in between them. This is what the representative told us they were designed for and it sure seems like they will be great. I liked them so much that I actually I pre-ordered them (they are to be released around 6/1/2015) in the orange/red color above. I have been looking for a pair of trail shoes with these feature for a while, so I hope they live up to my hopes!

Of other note from Saucony is the new Ride 8, and the new Triumph ISO. Both shoes will probably end up in my closet when they are released. The Ride 8 is not changed too much other than some of the upper was redesigned a bit, but it looks to be pretty similar to the Ride 7. The Triumph ISO is the new version of the Triumph and I have read a lot of good reviews on it. Looks to  be a great max cushioned (for Saucony anyway).


Nike had the new Zoom Pegasus 32 on display. I have been running in the Pegasus 30’s since last June. I really enjoy this model in general. I actually had one pair of 30’s for a while and then ended up buying a second pair of 30’s that were on clearance when the 31 came out. I am sure that a pair of 32’s (or maybe 31’s if they get cheap) will end up in my closet as well. It is just a really nice shoe.

Of other note, while I have been looking for new trail shoes over the past couple of months, I came across the Nike WIldhorse 2 this morning. I was checking out a review of them on the Ginger Runner Youtube page and while he liked them, he had a few issues. On of the more ironic ones (to me anyway) was that he wished the Wildhorse had a rock plate in it for protection on rockier trails, and to separate it from the Terra Kiger 2 (they are almost the same shoe). Well tonight I got a chance to check out the new Wildhorse 3 and what did they add? A rock plate! And why? To separate it from the Terra Kiger 3! I just thought it was funny (and there were other things that the Ginger Runner didn’t like) that Nike changed for version 3. It was like they watched his video and said, “Ok, here is what we need to do…”

Hoka One One

image via
image via

One of the most interesting things I saw was the new Hoka One One hiking boots/shoes. Now I own a pair of the Hoka One One Cliftons and they had the new Clifton 2 there (really just padded the tongue, which was needed), but these hiking boots are what I wanted to see.

Like most Hoka shoes, when you look at them, you think they should weigh about 8 pounds! The boots, make you think they should weigh 10 pounds! They are beefy! But, then you pick them up. It is AMAZING just how light they are for how much boot is there. I really liked how they looked and the weight was amazing. Very light for how big they are. Also , waterproof and there are high, mid and low versions of the boots. I really liked the high version. The only downfall, is they will be about $240. Now this really isn’t bad for Hoka One One as some models of their shoes are close to $200 and there is a lot more shoe here. Other hiking boots of similar quality are in the same price range, so I don’t think it is out of line price wise, it is just that after I buy all the other shoes I liked, I won’t have much money left to get these as well!


There was Nuun, TomTom, 2XU, Adidas, Asics, Fitsok, NEw Balance, Brooks and Mizuno there as well. Not too much to report from these vendors. They all had new shoes or items and while we looked at them, there wasn’t much else that I was interested in purchasing and the one pair of Saucony is the only item I bought.

We got a coupe of swag items and some snacks. Overall it was pretty fun and I would check it out for sure next time!

Graze Review

Today I am going to give you my review of a company that I started using just in the last couple of months. that company is Graze. Graze is one of the many box subscription services that have seemed to pop up lately. It seems like every time you turn around there is a box for shaving, or clothes or anything else you can imagine. Graze is a subscription box of snack foods. You can choose a nibblebox or the caloriecounter as I have. The caloriecounter  box has all snacks under 150 calories, so they are perfect for my mid morning snack.

How It Works

Graze charges $6.99 per shipment (this includes the delivery fee). You can set how often you get a box of snacks gets delivered to you and you can also order one off boxes if you just want a box of goodies. The box shows up like the picture below.

Graze Cover
Graze Cover

When you open the box you have four snacks awaiting you.

Inside the Graze box
Inside the Graze box

You can go to their website and go through the list of all the snacks they offer for the type of box you have chosen and tell them if it is a snack you would like to try, if you love it, like it, or to never send it. I went through and marked all the things I knew I would not like as never sends and marked some things I really wanted to try as Try It. The rest I left alone. Once you get your box of snacks and have tried them, you can then go into your deliveries and let them Graze know how you liked each item. Again, you rate them as Try, Love, Like, or Trash for things you didn’t like and don’t want again.

Is It Worth It?

I think it is. I have kept it for four deliveries to date. I have it set up to send me a box every two weeks. I have not had anything I didn’t like to this point. It is nice to have as a different type of snack food. It gets me to try new and different kinds of things. I find that dieting, you tend to eat a lot of the same food. You find something within your calories that you can stand and is easy, and you eat it all the time. This breaks that routine up for me. I also think that $7 every two weeks isn’t terrible for good tasting food. I don’t think personally I would go to a weekly or even faster delivery schedule just to try and limit the cost.

Try it!

If you would like to try a FREE box for yourself, you can! All you have to do is go to and signup using my referral code: ADAMM9ZNP. There is no obligation and no contract to continue.  Let me know if you sing up and try it, what your favorite snacks are. So far mine are the Hot Cross Yum and Fruity Mango Chutney.