Month in Review – June 2015

This month, I got a lot of good training in. I am currently signed up for the Fox Communities Half Marathon in September. I have been training, however, for the full marathon that happens the same day. I wanted to see how I would handle the training before I would commit to doing the full. That way I should still be able to do the half on the training I have done so far, but can switch (if there is room) to the full if I feel good closer to the full marathon.


End of Month - June 2015
End of Month – June 2015

This month I ran a total of 115.48 miles in 17;25:17.

Year To Date - June 2015
Year To Date – June 2015

That puts me at 761.04/1200 mile goal for the year and a total time of 113:31:58. I am on pace to meet my goal of 1200 miles by the end of the year, so that is a good thing!

Training has been going good. The interval runs have been a bit challenging, but in a good way. I feel like they are making me strong. The long runs haven’t been too bad yet, though I have not had to run any further than any previous long runs. I have a 16 miler in a couple of weeks and then 20 miles a couple weeks after that, so I will have a much better picture of if I want to do the full marathon or not after those runs.

I am hoping that my training continues to do well in the coming months ahead and that I do feel up to running the full marathon course. It was one of the goals that I developed along the way, so I hope to accomplish it, but if not this year, then maybe next.

Week in Review – May 31, 2015 – Month in Review – May 2015

This week the month and week end on the same day nicely, so I will cover both in one post.


Week Ending May 31, 2015
Week Ending May 31, 2015

This week has been another recovery week after the half marathon. My plan is to start up my next training schedule on June 1st so a bit of a light week will do me good to rest up into the next training cycle.

I ran a total of 17.42 miles in 3:43:51 this week. As I said, pretty light week for me. I skipped my long run on Sunday to try and keep my mileage down but was still went to the gym to work on the elliptical to keep my fitness up as much as possible.

Month in Review

This month has been a pretty exciting month! I was able to run, complete and PR my first half marathon. I got a lot of good training in leading up to it, and my recovery after has been good.

May 2015
May 2015

This month I ran a total of 112.54 miles in 16:27:57.

Year to Date - May 2015
Year to Date – May 2015

That puts my yearly total to 649.61 miles in 96:42:23. I am still well ahead of schedule to meet my goal of 1200 miles for the year. In fact, I the first five months of this year, I have now surpassed my 2014 yearly total mileage (though I didn’t start tracking or really running a lot until June).

I also signed up for my next half marathon that will be happening in September 2015.

That is it for this post. I am hoping to have my Cellcom Green Bay Marathon ARR wrapped up and out soon. I was waiting for pictures and have them now, so I just need to write it all up and get it out.

Hope everyone has a good week and gets out to run!

Month in Review – April 2015

This past month of training was a good month. I felt like I got a lot done and put in some good miles.


April 2015
April 2015

I ran a total of 135.26 miles in 20:20:36 during the month of April.

Year to Date April 2015
Year to Date April 2015

For the year so far I have run a total of 552.07 miles in 82:28:28. I believe that puts me close to if not more miles so far this year than what I logged in over half the year last year. I can’t believe that I have been able to run this much and stay basically healthy. I had a minor issue this last month with my foot that put me out for a week, but I have had no issue after a little rest.


This past month I ran in the OSI April Fools 5K and ran a new PR of 22:53. I still have to do an after race repot on that one, but it will be coming.

That is all for this month. Hope you all have a had a good month as well.

Month in Review – March 2015

This month there was some really cool things and some not cool things. Let’s review, shall we?


Monthly Review - March 2015
Monthly Review – March 2015

This month I ran for a total of 113.89 miles in 17:01:22. I think that is a pretty good total considering I missed a bit of running due to my hurt foot. Luckily it was nothing major, and I have so far been able to get back to running. It is only 7 miles below the average I need to hit my end of year goal, so I am not too worried about it. Speaking of, year to date I have run 397.76 miles in 59:18:08. Wow, kind of crazy to think I have spent almost 60 hours and run almost 400 miles already this year.

Year to Date - March 2015
Year to Date – March 2015

If you keep up with the blog, you may know that I am in the beginning of my half marathon training program for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon coming up on May. So far it was going pretty good, got sidelined a bit by the injury, but hope to dive back in.


As you may have read, I was lucky enough to be named as one of the Leaders of the Pack for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. This is a really cool opportunity to share my story with more people and hopefully inspire people on their journey to the marathon or half marathon.

In other cool and exciting news, I actually placed third in my age group in the FNB 5K I ran a couple weeks ago. Never thought I would place, and in fact left and didn’t get my trophy! Not to worry, though. I did pick it up, and it is displayed proudly on my fireplace mantel in the living room!

FNB St Pat's 5K - 3rd Place age 35-40.
FNB St Pat’s 5K – 3rd Place age 35-40.

Well, that is about it for the month. The weather is getting nicer and hopefully my half marathon training stays on track!

Month in Review – February 2015

This month I had pretty good training. I did have a bout with stomach flu so I missed my 15K race that I had planned for early February, and also 4 days days of running overall. Even with that, and the missed day for the rabbit hunting, I ran 23 of 28 days this month.

February 2015 Totals
February 2015 Totals

For this month I have run a total of 121.98 miles in 17:49:58. I was obviously hoping that my monthly total miles would be a bit higher, but having to miss the 4 days due to illness hurt the overall total a bit. I am not too sad though, because 121 still puts me well over my needed average of 100 miles per month to hit my goal of 1200 miles this year.

Year to Date Feb 2015
Year to Date Feb 2015

My running total of miles for the year so far is 298.88 in 44:30:15. Just under 300 miles so far for the year puts me just under 150 miles per month average, which is great! I am more than happy with that so far.