Backpacking June 2015

I spent the weekend of June 19-21 backpacking/camping/hiking with my brother at Newport State Park in the most northern part of Door County, Wisconsin. It is the second year that we have done this trip and it was a lot of fun!

At the start of the trip.
At the start of the trip.

We drove up after work on Friday evening and made it there by about 6:30 pm. We checked in at the ranger station, filled our water bottles and water bladders and set off on the hike into our campsite. The hike in was 1.76 miles and took us about 42 minutes. We had to stop along the way to put on some mosquito repellent though and we took our time a bit.

P6190003 P6190005

With the late start and dark coming sooner than later, we got the tent set up right away. The site was pretty nice. We had a bit of trouble finding a decent flat spot with no rocks to cut up the tent, but we got it. There were two benches which was nice as last year’s site only had one. There is also a bear box at every site to put your food and garbage in so you don’t have to worry about hanging it.

First night camp fire!
First night camp fire!

Once we had the tent set, we headed out to gather some firewood. Within an hour or so, and thanks to my pocket chainsaw, we had a decent collection of firewood. It took a bit to get it started as some of the wood was a tad wet/green but as you can see above, we had a pretty good fire going.

By the time we got all the work done, it was fairly dark and had cooled off. We still needed to eat supper, so we threw our headlamps on and went about to make some supper. I had a Mountain House Chicken and Rice Teriyaki meal that was very good!

Sunset the first night.
Sunset the first night.

We were camping right on Rawley’s Bay so we were able to watch a great sunset and get a nice picture of it as well.

P6200021 P6200019

The next morning, on Saturday, we woke up and made some breakfast. I had the Mountain House Scrambled Eggs and Bacon meal. I have had it before and I do enjoy it. You can see our cooking setup above. I use a Jetboil Flash to heat water for my meals. My brother is using a cheap stove and a Toaks Titanium pot I got him for Christmas to heat his water. Mine did heat faster, but his worked great as well considering his setup was half the price or less, it worked well.

We then decided to hike to the ranger station to fill our water back up and to hike a different trail. We hiked 2.41 miles in about 53 minutes back to the ranger station. We did see a deer but that was about it. When we got to the ranger station we filled our water and checked our phones to see what the weather was going to be. We knew it was supposed to rain, and there was a possibility of sever weather so we wanted to know. When we checked it looked like most of it was moving further north, so that was good.

We then decided to hike around the park a bit, but for some reason my feet were really hurting so we ended up hiking back towards the campsite early rather than walk the whole park. On the way back, it actually did start to rain. I put my rain jacket on and put my rain cover on my pack and we pressed on. The hike back to camp was 3.41 miles in and hour and 20 minutes.

When we got back to camp it was raining a bit, but not too bad. We actually decided to play some cards in the rain. Funny part was, we could not think of a card game for two people that we knew all the rules to! We kind of figured out some rules for Kings in the Corner and played that. Then we played a couple rounds of Crazy Eights, a round of War and then four or five more rounds of Crazy Eights. It started to rain a bit harder so we decide to head into the tent and took a nap for about 3 hours or so.

When we woke up, the rain had stopped! I had a bit of a headache and didn’t feel like eating, but knew I had to so we decided to make some lunch at about 3:30 or 4:00 pm.

P6200031 P6200033I decide to make some oatmeal. The above pics are me enjoying the goodness! We also at some point in there collected more firewood, and we had kept it going hot through the rain, so it was easy to get it started back up. After all that, I felt better and we decided to hike some more. We walked around the whole outer trail of the park and hiked 4.42 miles in an hour and 33 minutes.

By this time it was starting to get dark so we collected a bit more fire wood and got the fire going again.P6200034As it was getting dark, I had a chance to get some more sunset pictures.

P6200052 P6200073

This one is my favorite.
This one is my favorite.

As it finally got dark, we decided to start making supper around 9:30 or so. We started hearing all this rumbling like thunder. We quickly realized it was fireworks! We went back down to the water and you could see all the way across the bay, there was a fireworks show going on. We hung out and watched them for a bit. Was kind of fun to see and enjoy on a camping trip.

After the show we went back up to the site to get our supper made. I had Chicken flavored Ramen noodles mixed with some dehydrated veggies to make it a bit more soup like. It was fantastic! I really enjoyed that and will be having that for a trail meal again. We watched the fire a bit longer and went to bed about 11:30.

We woke up the next morning and got everything in our tent packed up. Then when we got out, we struck the tent and got all of that packed up and taken care of. Once we had that all done we made some breakfast. I had some oatmeal because I really like oatmeal and it tasted so good when I had it for lunch the previous day. Once we got that done, we finished cleaning up and headed back to the ranger station.

We hiked 1.64 miles in 34 minutes. Once back to the car we got our packs loaded and headed for home.

It was another great trip. It is always fun to do a different kind of camping. We own a camper and do that a few times each year, but backpacking an hiking has always appealed to me.

So in total we hiked 13.64 miles over the weekend. Oh, and when I got home on Sunday, I did my long run of 11 miles! It was a very great weekend.