Week in Review – July 19, 2015

This week was pretty eventful…both good and bad! I had some good runs, and I had a bit of a scare.


Week Ending July 19, 2015
Week Ending July 19, 2015

This week I ran a total of 38.52 miles in 5:35:40. This included my Tuesday trail run, Wednesday Interval day, a 5K race and 16 mile long run today.

My Tuesday trail run was a good one. I decided to take a bit of a different course than usual. I ran my usual course backwards but also took a different trail and ended up running longer and harder than usual. It was a good fun run. I still enjoy the trails very much!

My Wednesday Interval day was partially good and partially bad (this was the bad thing that happened). The run itself was actually quite good. It was challenging, but I was able to complete the assigned running. I enjoy pushing myself so that was good.

The bad was that I must have got SUPER dehydrated. I was very sick, I am not sure how i went and picked up the kids actually. I felt not great but after I got home from getting them, i was much worse. I was dizzy and sick to my stomach. I drank some water and ate some popsicles when my wife got home and finally started to feel better later that night. I was afraid if it kept going south, I was going to end up in the ER.

Saturday morning, I ran the Paperfest Sunset 5K race. This was the very first 5K I ever did last year. Last year they ran it on Friday night, but with the sponsor change I guess they decided to do it Saturday morning. Saturday morning is probably what I would prefer than Friday night, so that was good. We had pretty terrible storms Friday night so it was unclear if the run would happen but it did. I ended up finishing 22nd overall, 20th of males and 1st in my age group of 35-40. I had a time of 23:21 (compared to last years 32:12). I may do a full race review on this one, but it was a small race so I may not.

Saturday afternoon my brother and I went to look at a couple of pieces of land so I ended up hiking another 5 miles or so. Which would have been alright, but that led into Sunday…

Sunday I had my long run. A long run of 16 miles. This is by far the furthest I have ever run. I ran 15 miles on the treadmill once, but I don’t really count that as it is much easier on the treadmill, and probably more inaccurate as to actual distance. I ended up running from my house to High Cliff State Park and back for my 16 mile course (High Cliff is where I generally go for my trail runs).

I started out a little slow and the muscle in the right side of my chest was sore for some reason, but after a couple miles I loosened up and was moving along fairly well. It was a slow run, so I wasn’t trying to push my time too hard, but I did have a general goal to stay under 9:30/mile. The interesting part of this route is that exactly in the middle of this route is the giant hill at High Cliff. Eight miles from my house is exactly at the top of that hill. I actually made it up and down pretty well.

I started my eight miles back home, and I was doing alright, but the way back was pretty much into the wind all the way. I struggled in parts with the wind, but I pushed on.

My wife actually came and drove by to check on me around mile 12, which was really nice. I was doing alright so I gave her the thumbs up. I found out after that she then went and waited at the park and ride for me to get to around 14 miles and checked on me again. I was still doing good, so I gave her the thumbs and continued on.

I ended up finishing with 16.09 miles in 2:26:56 which is 9:08/mile. This is right on where I need to be to complete a marathon in 4 hours, so I was feeling good about that.

It was a tough week of training, but I enjoy the toughness and pushing myself to see what I can do. I never would have thought that I would be able to run 16 miles! Not next week, but the week after, my long run pushes out to 20 miles, and I think that will be the run that tells me if I really want to go ahead and do the full marathon or stay with the half this time around.

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