Week in Review – June 21, 2015

This week was a good week of training and included an adventure! I went backpacking/camping/hiking with my brother over the weekend, so that added so good workouts to my week.


Week Ending June 21, 2015
Week Ending June 21, 2015

This week I ran a total of 30.32 miles in 4:39:39. This included a pretty tiring interval run on Wednesday and a Long run on Sunday.

The interval run was pretty difficult for some reason this week. I don’t know if my legs were just tired or it was the heat, but it was a tough one. I did complete it successfully, but I know I worked hard.

The long run on Sunday was a bit more difficult as well. First it was in the afternoon heat. And it was a hot one! Second, it was right after I got back from my camping trip on Sunday. A couple of nights sleeping on a pad in a tent plus over 13 miles of hiking, and then an eleven mile run. It was tough but I did it!


As I said earlier, I went on a backpacking/camping/hiking trip with my brother. You can read more about that here.

That is it for this week. I would say overall the marathon training program is going good so far. I haven’t had to get into the real long mileage yet though, and that will be the real test. The intervals are a bit faster than they were for my half marathon training program, but I have so far been able to do them OK. So far, I would say I want to switch to the marathon in September, but I will know more in a month or so as my long mileage grows.

Hope everyone gets out to run this week!

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