Week in Review – May 17, 2015

This week was a rather busy week (hence why this WiR is almost a week late! Here we go!


Week Ending May 17, 2015
Week Ending May 17, 2015

This week I ran a total of 29.20 miles in 4:52:54. This was, of course, the week of the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon. My first half marathon and my goal race for the first part of this year. So 13.1 miles of the 29.20 was actually my half marathon race, and the rest was the final training sessions for this training cycle.

I took it easy with the mileage this week as part of the taper leading up to the half. Monday was a cross training day, a few lighter running day (with light intervals on Wednesday).

When I looked at the training plan, I realized I was scheduled to run an easy 3 miles on Saturday (the day before the half marathon). I figured that if I had to run 3 miles anyway, I might as well do the Cellcom 5K! My wife and brother were already signed up a long time ago for it, so I decided to run with my wife and push her a little bit, but also let her keep me from going to fast and burning myself out for the half the next day. We completed the 5K in 36:09. It was my slowest official 5K time, but it was Lori’s new 5K PR, so I was very excited for her!

The next morning, I was able ran the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon. I finished with a time of 1:52:31! This was a PR time for my and my first official finish! I had a great time doing it, even though it was quite warm! I will have full ARRs coming for each of these races when I get the pictures from them squared away.

That is really it for this week. I hope you have/had a great week!

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