OSI April Fools 5K – April 3, 2015 – ARR

On a very cool Friday evening, I participated in the OSI April Fool’s 5K Race. This race was one that was on my to do list when I was looking at events for the upcoming year. It seemed like it would be a good fun race and I was right!

At the beginning of the race, we were all standing at what I thought was the starting line in the parking lot of the Orthopedic and Sports Institute. I turned on my headphone (this was the first time I was wearing them in a race) and got ready to start. I couldn’t hear what the race director said and we all started moving down the driveway, and I thought we were starting. I was wrong! 🙂

We stopped at the actual start line on the road and started from there. I had started my watch in the parking lot so I had to quickly reset and restart my watch, but was able to do it. The gun went off and it was on!

I started running and felt pretty good. I was cruising along and suddenly felt like I was maybe going fast. I looked down at my watch and realized I was running around 7:19/mile! That is way faster than I wanted to be going but I felt good. I had been doing intervals around that speed for my half marathon training, so I figured I would just keep pushing and see how it went.

Running the April Fools 5K
Running the April Fools 5K

About halfway through the run, I still felt pretty good. I figured I would push on. I kept going, and just before two miles I could see Appleton North High, the location of the finish line. I figured I am close to the end so I should keep pushing. I didn’t realize at the time I wasn’t even to two miles yet. I kept pushing as hard as I could all the way to the end.

April Fools 5K Finish Line
April Fools 5K Finish Line

I finally got across the finish line and had run a 22:53 5K! I set a new PR! I was so excited. I wanted to be under 27 minutes, but the course is so flat and I was feeling good. I am glad I was able to do so well!

After the run, the snacks and food were great. It is an event I will do again next year if I can. I would suggest it to anyone looking for a good, fast well put on 5K.

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