Week in Review – May 10, 2015

This is the last week of harder training going into next week and the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon (half). The week went pretty well, and I even got a 5K race in.


Week Ending May 10, 2015
Week Ending May 10, 2015

This week I ran a total of 31.31 miles in 4:57:26. I had a pretty difficult interval session on Wednesday. I thought when I calculated out the mileage, it was 8 miles total with a 2 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down. Yeah, I was wrong. It was a two mile warm up, but then it was 6 miles of intervals and only a one mile cool down. I started pushing hard on what I thought were my last intervals way too soon! Almost burned myself out, but was able to complete them all, so that was actually a great confidence booster for me.

I also ran the Appleton Sole Burner 5K to support the American Cancer Society yesterday. The course is pretty hilly (about 126 feet of elevation change when normally I get maybe 30 feet if I am lucky). It was also a bit cold, but luckily not too windy. The biggest hill is of course right at the end! I managed to finish in 23:27 though. I will have a full ARR coming up.

I also had my last long run today before the half marathon next weekend. It was a nice 8 mile run, that felt great! It was chilly this morning, but I got out the door early to try and simulate s much of the race day schedule as I could.

The week coming up will be as much rest as I can get to keep my legs fresh and ready for next Sunday!

New Gear

I actually got some new gear this week! I picked up a pair of Altra Instinct 3 shoes. I have always wanted to try Altra shoes because of the zero drop. Just different than I have ever worn. I only got one three mile run in them so far, but I like them. They are comfortable and pretty light.

Altra Instinct 3 - image via runningwarehouse.com

I also got a pair of 2XU compression┬ásleeves for my legs. I have wanted to try something like them for quite some time. I ran with them on the 3 mile run with the Altras, but also today on my 8 mile run. A weird thing happened, and my right foot fell asleep around mile 3 and was asleep until about mile 6. Not sure why that happened or if it is normal if you aren’t used to it? I am going to email 2XU and ask them about it. Otherwise I liked them. My legs actually felt very fresh after my run this morning especially considering I ran a 5K pretty hard yesterday and then did 8 this morning.

I think that is it for this week. Hope everyone gets out and has a great week!

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