Week in Review – April 19, 2015

This was an alright week of training. Wisconsin was nice enough to give us a couple of really nice days, so there is always that to be grateful for.


Week Ending April 19, 2015
Week Ending April 19, 2015

This week I ran a total of 26.35 miles in 5:27:30. The weather was so nice this week, that I actually hit the trails two times this week. I love running trails. The ups and downs of the terrain, and the scenery makes it enjoyable, but I love the challenge that running on trails present. It is nice to break up my road running with the trails and get something different.

This week also included my long run today of 13 miles. I of course ran it out to 13.1 to see how I would do for the upcoming Cellcom Green Bay Marathon (half) coming up in less than 30 days. I actually did not do too bad considering. We had a wedding the night before. My cousin married the son of the owner of a very good candy shop. Well at this wedding, they of course had a ton of candy! And man, was it good! I don’t usually eat a lot of chocolate, but I had a sweet tooth for some reason and ate WAY more than I should. Let’s just say, that I have proven eating a lot of chocolate the night before a long run, not a good idea.

I completed the 13.1 miles in just over 2:07:00. This is above my goal time of 2:00:00 but I was not pushing hard. It was supposed to be a slow run, so I am very happy with that time. I would even be happy with that time the day of the race.

That is about it this week. Pretty normal week of training overall. This week coming up looks like we will have bad weather again the first half of this week, so the treadmill may get some action this week. They are even talking snow possibly. That would be a bummer after the 70 degree day we had this last week. Wisconsin is a weather tease sometimes!

Hope everyone gets out and gets a chance to run this week!

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